Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello, hello again.

For my 23rd birthday, my dad took me to see Alison Krauss and Union Station last night. Say what you will about bluegrass/folk music, but Alison and her band are extremely talented. They are definitely some of the most gifted musicians I've seen in concert. Just on the basis of Alison's voice, I'm inclined to believe that she's some weird hybrid alien-fairy mix, some creature not from this world.

I'm glad I went to the concert, because until last night, I'd forgotten how much I LOVE THE DOBRO. The dobro is one of the coolest instruments around.

Anyway, did ya'll look at the pictures from the Prada show? I seriously can't get over Miuccia. She designs really ugly things sometimes (like below), but you just know everyone's going to buy it somehow, either directly from Prada or from H&M or Forever 21 who'll surely knock it off. Somehow she makes ugly cool, and I have no idea how. Is it because she's become known as the ugly-chic designer? Because editors like her? I am just not sure.