Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crosses! Downstairs mixups! Ladybits! Oh my!

What is it with everyone wearing crosses? Madonna wore a cross necklace in the 80s, which was her way of rebelling against the Catholic Church (she grew up Catholic). My sister (the certified Madonna expert) said that Madonna felt conflicted about the Church's beliefs and her own writhing on the ground and singing "like a virgin, touched for the very first time."

Here she is wearing a cross that dangles down to her "boy toy" belt. I'd be getting mixed signals if I didn't know this was Madonna's way of telling the Church to "fuck off." And her take on a wedding dress is just great. I know I said I wanted my wedding dress to look like this, but I think I'd rather wear Madonna's version. Or maybe I'll save Madonna's white yet non-virginal dress for Halloween.


I remember going through a cross phase a few years ago. It was a giant, gold cross. During the time I had it (I lost it soon after), I was an atheist. I thought I was being sacrilegious. Ha ha. So funny, so ironic. Except not really.

I asked my Madonna expert to give me her opinion on why everyone's wearing crosses now. She simply said, "It's become fashionable. It doesn't mean anything anymore. It meant something when Madonna wore it; now it doesn't." On the whole, that is probably true. Though, of course there are outliers that wear big, chunky, trendy crosses for religious purposes. Right? Right.

Here's Rihanna:


It's kind of odd that she also has a tattoo of a pistol and, at the same time, wears crosses. Though, I must say, the black haired Rihanna (i.e. "grr, I'm angry, 'got my middle finger up; I don't really give a fuck'") and the red haired Rihanna (i.e. "yay! I'm happy now! I want to be the 'only girl in the world', and 'I want to see if you can go downtown with a girl like me'") clearly have a different persona.


Lady Gaga enjoys cross necklaces, too:


 In Alejandro, she dresses as a nun and furthers the religious symbolism :

So here she is, dressed up as a nun, but her costume's all skewed because of the men having their way with her. Wait...there's controversy brewing here...there's an arrow pointing to her downstairs mixup! OMG SO SCANDALOUS!!11!! She's dressed as a nun and there's an arrow pointing to her ladybit! The shock, the horror! On a side note, if you are interested in a kooky analysis of this video, you can go here to read what Gaga is really doing. (I love the website's tag: "Symbols rule the world, not words nor laws." I feel like there should be some ominous music playing on their website. Oh, the people on this website also call Gaga "The Illuminati Puppet.")

Other starlets who wear crosses:

I'm glad I lost that cross. I'm happy with my non-controversial jewelry — my beads, my animals (another almost horrifying trend. Horrifying only because everyone who's into looking like a hipster wears animal jewelry), my Ugandan jewelry, and all the other items I have that I can't remember at the moment because all of my lovely jewelry is stowed away in my trunk.

If I wear a cross necklace, I want to wear it because I'm either a pagan who fantasizes about torturing people to death by hanging them on a cross OR because I believe in Jesus. I'm bored with religious items that have a mocking overtone to them. Let's move on to something else. 


Josh said...

Great analysis of the subject. I never was a cross-wearer myself, but I agree that many of the people I see wearing crosses don't seem to care much about Christianity...

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I wear my cross every single day. I don't mind if people know that I'm Catholic. A lot of the people who do wear crosses are just wearing them to be stylish, which I find odd...

Tali said...

Well I personally don't wear any religious symbols (I do have a star of david though..) but it's true that crosses are a bit overused.

I loved the Lady Gaga Alejandro video anyway))

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