Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Humble Me

Okay, I want to know how bloggers post at least every other day. I cannot seem to keep up with it. I come home from work, and usually I turn into a vegetable — specifically a carrot. Anyway, I just can't find the energy to post everyday, and since I don't do outfit posts, and I don't want to do "inspiration" posts every day, I wait until I have something I deem significant to talk about.

As I've mentioned before, I've been told I'm a gypsy (though not exactly the Esmeralda-type from the Disney version of Hunchback of Notre Dame; I don't wear harem pants or belly shirts). A friend pointed out to me, after making me listen to this song, that whenever Miss Lambert sang about livin' in an airstream with homemade curtains, she specifically thought of me.

Today, while on my lunch break and listening to this song, I fully realized my inherent gypsy qualities. However, I must note that I am not the kind of gypsy described on I am the forever unsatisfied gypsy. For example, when I want to play the piano, I'm not near one. When I desire to go to the beach, I've no vacation time to get away. When I lust over a pair of affordable shoes, I don't have the money to buy them. And most importantly, when I want to set the gypsy in me free, I feel so constrained that I don't now how to let it out of its cage.

I want to be a writer! I want to be a professional arguer! (No, not a lawyer.) I want to be an anthropologist! I want to be a bartender in St. Thomas! I want to travel everywhere and meet everyone (at my convenience and when I feel like talking, of course)! I want to be a physicist! I want to be a college professor! I want to be a singer! I want to be a dancer! I want to be a theologian! I want to be a model! I want to be a stylist! I want to be a philosopher! I want to be a muse! I want to be a hairstylist! I want to be CEO of a large company! I want to be a cowgirl! ...that's seventeen "wants" for you right there. And that's not a comprehensive list.

Does anyone else feel this aching desire to keep moving on to something different?

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Foo da fa fa

All I have to say is that I'm in a fantastic mood despite the winter weather. Winter can go know, stick it to itself, 'cause I'm dressed like it's spring, anyway.

Also, I want to cut my hair like this. Didn't I just say that I was going to grow it out a few weeks ago...?

Amber from Parenthood had a haircut similar to this in the last episode I saw. I'm digging it. BUT, are those bangs going to stay flat? I think if I got short bangs like that, they'd decide to go every which way, even if I did use product.

I'm thinking about this, too:

I really just need to make a decision and go with it, instead of talking about it. But, unfortunately, I've had some short haircuts that did not turn out the way I planned, so I am a bit wary.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I like chocolate.

For the first time on this blog, I'm going to give a rundown of my day...without pictures of any of the activities I did to accompany them. You'll just have to use your imaginations!

This morning I woke up at nine, and even though my body wanted to go back to sleep, my brain wanted to watch America's Next Top Model and eat mint Milano cookies in bed. So, that's what I did; I ate half a bag of cookies and rolled my eyes at the faux drama on ANTM. (Plus, whoever actually picks the girls didn't do a good job of casting this season - I can't imagine any of those girls fitting in in the pages of Italian Vogue.)

Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought groceries like a big girl. I actually bought chicken this time, which means I'll have to cook it. I'm attempting to force myself to get over my dislike of cooking, because eating turkey sandwiches every day doesn't satisfy the food neurons in my brain, though it does fill my tummy.

Then, after I brought the groceries inside, I put them away.

Then, I picked up my shoes and put them under my bed. (I need to fix this, as I prefer to have all my shoes right in front of my eyes when I get dressed. I thought about getting a door hanging shoe thing at Wal-Mart, but it looked so cumbersome. I should probably go to Target.)

Then, I cleaned up my sister's cat's puke stains.

Then, I vacuumed.

Then, I attempted to wash the walls. I wasn't successful.

Then, I brushed my sister's two cats ("boy" and "girl") for about thirty minutes. They are fluffballs.

Then, I thought about baking a pizza, but decided not to.

Then, I called the apartment complex to get the dishwasher, kitchen sink, balcony door, and bathroom mirror fixed. They said they'd come Monday or Tuesday.

Then, I cut up a banana and an apple and put a dash of sugar in the bowl, and voila, FRUIT SALAD! (If you want the recipe, let me know. It's a very detailed and lengthy method.)

Then, with the help of my sister, I fixed the cable box. Jersey Shore was seriously the only thing on TV. Not kidding. All the other channels were black! What d'ya know!

Then, I threw out our old bathroom rug (which happened to be sopping wet from my attempt to wash it last night. It threw the washing machine off balance), and replaced it with the one I bought from Wally World.

Then, I denied Boy and Girl a second bowl of food.

Then, I put electrical tape on my mac's power cord, so the wires would stop poking me.

Then, I cleaned the mirrors. I only did this so I could stare at myself for hours on end without seeing waterspots strangely appearing on my face.

Then, I talked on skype and emailed some people.

And then I wrote this blog post.

Oh, I forgot. I got gas, too. Twenty dollars worth. It's cheap today, at $3.38.

WHAT I WORE: Sweatpants that have "NAVY" on them (from a friend who's in the Navy), a Paris Metro t-shirt, a green zip up hoodie from Target, and some European looking shoes from Nordstrom (I don't remember the brand. I do remember convincing my mother to get them for herself, and then she just gave them to me).

I lied. I'm going to post pictures of the kitties.

Here is Max. He is a manx, which means he has no tail. He lives at "home" with my mother. Here we are chillin' in my bedroom at "home" back in...October of 2010, I think.

Here is Girl.

Here is Boy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We could take what's good to golden.

I just watched the most recent episode of House, and I realized that House, M.D. is not about an intelligent doctor who happens to be a giant asshole; it's about a drug addict who happens to be a doctor. I'm glad the show makes me cry again, because that means the writers are doing a damn good job. (Does that make sense to anyone?)

In other news, I'm in love with these stills from Armani's video for Interview. Karen Elson, seriously, girl, seriously.

The video is here, if you haven't seen it. The fabrics are stunning. I think I would feel like a large, billowing tree in that first dress. I'd like to feel like a tree in the wind.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

I'll try not to let you down until the siren come calling...

Two things, but background on number one first.

1) I worked at the newspaper in my hometown when I was 19, and I had opportunities to write stories for the paper when I wasn't being instructed to do something else (e.g. type up letters to the editor, put the court report together - which everyone in my small town loved to read, apparently - type up other random stuff, make copies, take pictures of ribbon cuttings, and fail to make coffee). So, I was legit published (I can say that, because my name was under the title) in my 8,000 population town. I didn't write about anything terribly exciting...I remember writing about a sort of "thrifty threads" store moving across town...but everything else eludes me.

SO, background over. Now I am published in Indianapolis (and, again, I can say that because my name is under the title - whoo!). Here it is. If you feel like learning about something you probably already know about, you might be interested in this three paragraph piece.

2) I thought I might as well delve into the realm of advertising, soooo I now have an advertiser...I think. I'm not quite sure how it works, but I have the banner on my blog and a confirmation email, so I'm assuming I'm good to go? Anyway, it's (which is a subset of, and they sell t-shirts from established artists, and ...well, non-established artists can submit their t-shirt designs, too. If they're good, they sell them. I'm not a huge t-shirt person, but they've got some interesting designs.
For example:

"Oh God, being a zombie is worse than I thought."


In other news, my e key is not working too well; it's rather sticky. And I have an ominous feeling about my computer, that it's going to kick the bucket on me. DON'T DIE ON ME, COMPUTER. WE'VE HAD ALMOST FIVE GOOD YEARS TOGETHER. WE NEED EACH OTHER. RIGHT?!?!