Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It almost seems pointless to have a fashion blog, because the majority of fashion blogs I read all talk about the same thing. One particular blog posts something new and exciting about Alexander Wang, and soon after all other online fashion websites follow suit and post the same fascinating news about Wang. So I often wonder what should be the purpose of a blog, specifically a fashion blog. Many bloggers post their outfits, like Susie Bubble, Jane from Sea of Shoes, and so on ad nauseam. How will my blog be any different? I'm really not sure.

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Josh said...

I think you've proven thus far that your blog IS very different. Gaming blogs suffer from the same repetition...one site posts new information, and then all the other sites duplicate it...I usually get the same story posted three or four different times on my Google Reader page. But the analysis and commentary that you add to your articles really makes this worth reading, so keep up the great work!