Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I found this lovely gem at the best antique store I've ever been to. It's local, it's cheap, and they've always got awesome jewelry. Besides this top, I bought two necklaces: a Native American looking one and a conch shell necklace. I'm too lazy to take pictures of them. I wasn't too lazy to take a photo — with photobooth, of course — of this shirt:

And then I went faux artsy with the comic book setting on photobooth. I wish photobooth would let me create my own settings.

This is the first shirt I've bought in probably five months. It was worth $12 and the horrendous skirt that came with it. Though the first time I wore it a friend asked, "Erin, what are you wearing?" I said I was wearing a shirt. I thought it was pretty obvious, but I guess sparkly items can be so blinding that a person can't even tell what said sparkling item is. Maybe it's kind of like not realizing Edward Cullen is a vampire. He just sparkles.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for your kind comment! and i love love love that shirt, it reminds me of one i used to have. sequin shirts are kind of a penchant. my current heart throb, well for the past three years, has been a gold and black butterfly top. Further: Things I love here: your observation regarding edward cullen. nice. your observation regarding the impairing nature of said sparkly items. they can be dangerous!