Monday, August 1, 2011

A few inconsequential things

So can I tell you something?

I love having boobs. I was looking at her and despite that she always looks so awesome, I am reminded that I enjoy having boobs.

I love being single. It's wonderful to not be worried about how I'm affecting someone else. Why didn't I remember that I loved being single when I wasn't single?

I almost got a credit card to Nordstrom, but I decided against spending $400 on a pair of $200 shoes. I think I can be patient and just wait until I can afford expensive items.

Am I a "bad" woman for not wanting a diamond engagement ring? I'd be truly happy with a $12 antique ring. In fact, I'd be over the moon. Why not save the $2000 and put it towards a sweet couch instead?

I wore lipstick for the first time in a looooong while the other night. I kind of felt like the Joker, my lips were so red. And I kept imagining that it had gotten slathered all over my chin and cheeks.

 My hair's getting stupid. I want to get it cut like this.

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Lydia said...

I love boobs when I'm naked, but in clothes, I wish they were a little smaller. I tend to wear things that make them look smaller, actually. Maybe I should just go with it. It's hard when you have big tits and you put clothes on and suddenly no matter what you're wearing, you look like a tart. I'm a 34D, typically, but lately I feel like I'm spilling out of my bras, and I'm like, have they gotten BIGGER?

You wore red lipstick!!!! Good for you. I wrote you back when I saw your IM about the lip thing, haven't heard from you. Did you get my email?

Being single is the best. Getting the nerve up for the break up, and actually going through the break up, are what suck.

DO NOT get a Nordstrom card. I made the mistake of letting a coworker talk me into one when I worked there a long time ago, and went hog wild, and am still paying that shit off.

And no, you are not a bad woman for not wanting a diamond ring. Am I a bad woman because I'd really just never get married at all, but if I was going to, just want something pretty to look at, diamond or no diamond?

Good to hear from you!

fashioneggpplant said...

love the peg for your haircut! gorgeous!

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Buky said...

Glad to know i share the same viewpoints as someone else.
Why buy something super expensive when you can save the money for something essential.
An example for me is weddings.
Pleonasm spend over $10,000 on these things instead of saving the money for their Kid's tuitions or even for Mortgage emergency.
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