Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A 2007 Vogue Italia editorial that makes me feel strange.

Apparently if you're beautiful, rehab is amazing. According to, "Rehab never looked so appealing as it does in this brilliant editorial shot by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, July 2007."

Here's most of the spread; I left some shots out because of needless nudity.

I have really mixed feelings about this editorial. It's Vogue Italia, so it's not surprising that they're taking on an issue and using it to create controversy. The photography is pleasing to the eye, and the models do a good job, especially Sasha Pivovarova (but I'm biased - she's my favorite). As it was published in 2007, it was clearly referencing Britney Spears and her meltdown (the last picture makes it blatant). What I hate about this shoot (and perhaps high-society/Hollywood life) is the "glamour" and "elegance" surrounding these people — people who are in need of help — while they're attending their group sessions and private sessions with their psychologist or whomever. It's great to look nice and all, but who the hell wants to dress up while in the midst of confronting the shadow? When a woman is confronting her psychological problems in confinement, it seems quite backward and out-of-touch to wear a well made jacket and an odd hat to a therapy session. And yet these women are meant to be out-of-touch, right? So in some strange way, it makes sense.

The seventh photo of Sasha is the one that hits me the hardest. Here is a "crazy" woman, presumably famous or rich, who has to be physically restrained from doing something. Doing what? Committing harm to herself or to someone else? Trying to run away? No matter what, the point is that she needs to be restrained.

The thirteenth photo is great. I love this shot. It makes me sad. I can't tell who the model is in this photo, but she, too, is decked out in an expensive garment, all the while holding herself in a somewhat fetal position.

Earlier I said I wanted substance in an editorial, and I most certainly do. This editorial has depth, because it's creating an adverse reaction. There's something about having a mental breakdown while wearing high-end clothing that just doesn't fit. It seems like an unusual disconnect between reality and well, the life of the rich and famous. But kudos to Meisel and Vogue Italia. Good job.


Paulina said...


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Rhofy Evaldez said...

I remember this issue! Very "Girl, Interrupted."

I do understand your point of view and I totally agree with the Britney reference. But it's all in the fashion business I guess because they make real situations seem glamourous. Fashion's just a fantasy, it's not meant to be taken seriously.

But I'm being quite paradoxical with myself: I too over analyze everything.

Keep up the blogging, I'm intrigue to hear more.