Sunday, September 5, 2010

Small towns, barns, and flat lands

Small towns are boring, but they're beautiful in their own right. Of course, I couldn't really see the allure of it until I was 19. Never do I want to live in a small town again, but it's nice to call an 8,000 population town home.

The power plant that is going to give us all cancer. Still, it's neat; at night, it looks like a boat.

The back way to Beall Woods.

The red and purple circles are tiny alien spaceships. (Also on the way to Beall Woods.)

River Road

River Road

River Road

Somewhere on 130 S

130 S

130 S

130 S

Taken from my car while driving on 130 S

On the way to Lancaster, I think.

I don't remember.

Cherry and...8th, I think.

Tiny toyssszz

Sleepy cat on Cherry St.

Fall of 2008 or 2009; je ne sais pas.

Why not put plants in Folger's coffee containers?

I know it doesn't matter where you live. "You have to make your own fun," everyone says. It's true, what "they" say, but it helps to have people you love (and who love you back, I would hope) surrounding you, and maybe having a place to dance, whether that be at home or at a club or at a park or at the grocery store. A book store and a bar where "good" bands play would be nice, too. Oh yes, and culture. There's not much culture and diversity in small towns — especially in the small towns of southern Illinois.

After all my crying and moaning about Mt. Carmel, watch me end up back there for the rest of my life.

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