Friday, December 24, 2010

"Thought is the labor of the intellect, reverie is its pleasure." - Victor Hugo

I texted my sister Sunday to see when she was going to be getting home. She answered back, "in about an hour. Why, do you miss me, or are you just excited for your graduation present?"

I got that text from her while I attempted to take a nap, but then after the "graduation present" part, I started daydreaming about the Chanel 2.25 bag that I crave. I didn't end up falling asleep.


Really, though, if I don't buy the bag myself, I won't appreciate it. If I do buy it myself, I will definitely use the dust bag when I don't carry it, and I will definitely keep the leather clean. Unfortunately, when people give me things that I desperately want, I don't appreciate them as much.

In the end, my graduation present was a Dave Ramsey envelope system. So now I have envelopes separated for groceries, gas, rent, internet, savings, medicine, and extra stuff. It's definitely not a fun gift, but certainly useful.

The Chanel 2.25 has always been a dream; other high end items tend to go in and out for me. (Actually, a Burberry trench coat is on the must-have list, too). These shoes from the Balenciaga spring/summer '11 and the Rodarte spring/summer '11 collections, respectively, are making their way up to the must-have list...

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