Saturday, March 19, 2011

I like chocolate.

For the first time on this blog, I'm going to give a rundown of my day...without pictures of any of the activities I did to accompany them. You'll just have to use your imaginations!

This morning I woke up at nine, and even though my body wanted to go back to sleep, my brain wanted to watch America's Next Top Model and eat mint Milano cookies in bed. So, that's what I did; I ate half a bag of cookies and rolled my eyes at the faux drama on ANTM. (Plus, whoever actually picks the girls didn't do a good job of casting this season - I can't imagine any of those girls fitting in in the pages of Italian Vogue.)

Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought groceries like a big girl. I actually bought chicken this time, which means I'll have to cook it. I'm attempting to force myself to get over my dislike of cooking, because eating turkey sandwiches every day doesn't satisfy the food neurons in my brain, though it does fill my tummy.

Then, after I brought the groceries inside, I put them away.

Then, I picked up my shoes and put them under my bed. (I need to fix this, as I prefer to have all my shoes right in front of my eyes when I get dressed. I thought about getting a door hanging shoe thing at Wal-Mart, but it looked so cumbersome. I should probably go to Target.)

Then, I cleaned up my sister's cat's puke stains.

Then, I vacuumed.

Then, I attempted to wash the walls. I wasn't successful.

Then, I brushed my sister's two cats ("boy" and "girl") for about thirty minutes. They are fluffballs.

Then, I thought about baking a pizza, but decided not to.

Then, I called the apartment complex to get the dishwasher, kitchen sink, balcony door, and bathroom mirror fixed. They said they'd come Monday or Tuesday.

Then, I cut up a banana and an apple and put a dash of sugar in the bowl, and voila, FRUIT SALAD! (If you want the recipe, let me know. It's a very detailed and lengthy method.)

Then, with the help of my sister, I fixed the cable box. Jersey Shore was seriously the only thing on TV. Not kidding. All the other channels were black! What d'ya know!

Then, I threw out our old bathroom rug (which happened to be sopping wet from my attempt to wash it last night. It threw the washing machine off balance), and replaced it with the one I bought from Wally World.

Then, I denied Boy and Girl a second bowl of food.

Then, I put electrical tape on my mac's power cord, so the wires would stop poking me.

Then, I cleaned the mirrors. I only did this so I could stare at myself for hours on end without seeing waterspots strangely appearing on my face.

Then, I talked on skype and emailed some people.

And then I wrote this blog post.

Oh, I forgot. I got gas, too. Twenty dollars worth. It's cheap today, at $3.38.

WHAT I WORE: Sweatpants that have "NAVY" on them (from a friend who's in the Navy), a Paris Metro t-shirt, a green zip up hoodie from Target, and some European looking shoes from Nordstrom (I don't remember the brand. I do remember convincing my mother to get them for herself, and then she just gave them to me).

I lied. I'm going to post pictures of the kitties.

Here is Max. He is a manx, which means he has no tail. He lives at "home" with my mother. Here we are chillin' in my bedroom at "home" back in...October of 2010, I think.

Here is Girl.

Here is Boy.


featherfactor said...

Fun to read! And love the photos of the kitties :)

Leather & Lace said...

umm i like chocolate too

Francesca said...

wow your day was really productive. cats shed so much damn hair don't they and yeah.. ANTM can be so ridiculous sometimes!