Saturday, March 26, 2011

Foo da fa fa

All I have to say is that I'm in a fantastic mood despite the winter weather. Winter can go know, stick it to itself, 'cause I'm dressed like it's spring, anyway.

Also, I want to cut my hair like this. Didn't I just say that I was going to grow it out a few weeks ago...?

Amber from Parenthood had a haircut similar to this in the last episode I saw. I'm digging it. BUT, are those bangs going to stay flat? I think if I got short bangs like that, they'd decide to go every which way, even if I did use product.

I'm thinking about this, too:

I really just need to make a decision and go with it, instead of talking about it. But, unfortunately, I've had some short haircuts that did not turn out the way I planned, so I am a bit wary.

(photos via fashiongonerogue)


Lydia said...

I like the first look. Very edgy and mod. Of course, her sweet outfit and red gloves help too.

It blog girls said...

this is beauuutiful

SimuĊĦa said...

you've got nice blog :)
Do you want to follow eachother?

Becka[JustLikeJasper] said...

I love both the haircuts but I think the second one is my favourite.
Cute blog

ChiccaStyle said...

Love,love this post!!!Thanks for sharing!

It blog girls said...

Thank you so much and I totally agree with you, these pictures are stuning