Sunday, May 8, 2011

The evolution of a twenty-two year old's hair.

Six years old, the longest it ever was.

A picture of a picture of 18 year old me, a little shorter than 6 year old me.

Nineteen year old me; it looks longer than it actually was.

Nineteen year old me, after I got a haircut summer of 2007.

And then I decided to grow my hair out when I was 20. It was a normal brown.

Taken in Amsterdam summer of 2009. I'd had enough of "long" hair and cut it off.

And then I'd had enough of "short" hair and got it cut shorter that same summer.

And even after that, fall of 2009, I said "fuck you shorter short hair! I'm chopping you off!" (And I have no recollection of this girl's name...)

And as I'm doing this now, I'm getting really confused about the years I was in school. I went to three different schools and graduated in 3 1/2 years, so it gets confusing. But, this was a year after the aforementioned picture. Really, this is my favorite kind of cut. Not too pretty, not too ugly, just messy enough so I don't have to wash it every day.

Fall of 2010, the semester I graduated, I decided to go red. With a box. It looked like I had blood wounds on my scalp, and looking back, my hair looked unhealthy. But I do love this color.

And then I got my hair cut again, to a very similar cut I'd had before! I'm so creative with my hair cuts.

Awkward in-between stage. My hair was asking itself, "Am I long hair, or am I short hair? I AM SO CONFUSED." This was a roughly a month ago.

 Finally I got my hair chopped off again and dyed chocolate brown last weekend. Don't cha just love it? I know you can see all the intricacies of the cut!

Just kidding.
There, that's a little better. I talked it over with photobooth, and we decided to have a spur of the moment photoshoot to honor my "new" hair.

And look! I got this killer watch today, for $23 bucks. The brand is Flüd. Ever heard of it?

I hope that journey wasn't too boring. If it was, I'm not terribly sorry. Besides, I highly doubt I'll ever post this many pictures of me ever again. Also, I love it when bloggers post their pictures extra-large. It's easier for me to see all the detail.

Happy Mother's Day to all the would-be could-be should-be mothers! (And actual mothers, too.)


sojourned in style said...

I wish my hair's journey was that exciting, mine has remained boring below shoulderlength for quite sometime. from grow out to chop off, your hair has been through it all! love the finished product

Lydia said...

What an awesome idea for a post. I love the short red hair, and the pic of you blowing the dandelion. Yes, I'm aware of how I worded that. How else do you say it?