Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who is a woman?

Is there a certain age at which a girl becomes a woman? Is an 18 year old, a 21 year old, or a 25 year old a woman? I think age matters less than maturity and level of independence. For a while now, I've been asserting that I'm a woman, practically beating my chest and screaming it like a cave-woman: "I am woman, hear me roar!" But a friend recently pointed out to me that if I were in fact a woman, I would have no need to say it or to rebuke anyone who called me a girl. Per usual, he has a valid point. If I am a woman, then what does it matter to me if someone calls me a girl? Furthermore, if "woman" is defined as mature and independent, then I am definitely not a woman. I am not financially independent, which means my decisions are not entirely independent. My maturity level is questionable as well.

What to call a female is so confused now, anyway. Do I use my best friend's name when I talk to her, or do I say, "hey, bitch," "hey, bia," or "hey, whore"? Do I let a male (boy, guy, man - same confusion surrounds the definition of male) call me a bitch or the dreaded "c" word? It perplexes me as to how curse words are now used to replace a person's birth-name. My name is Erin. Please use it. My friends have proper names. I will use them. Why reduce their essence to bitch, whore, or dick when they are so much more than what those particular words imply?

But back to the crux of the matter, I suppose Britney Spears described the in-between stage of girl-dom and womanhood best: "feels like I'm caught in the middle" And despite the horrendous clothing, the scenery is quite beautiful.

This is how defines woman. I especially like "a female person who cleans house, cooks, etc.; housekeeper: The woman will be in to clean today." A male definitely added that one in. "Those women need to stay in the house and clean. It's where they belong!"woman will be in to clean today." A male definitely added that one in. We women have to stay in the house where we belong!


Jill said...

What is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Andy said...

"Lady" is preferred.