Monday, August 30, 2010

Sock-sandals! Ankle-sandals! Calf-sandals! Oh my!

I've noticed about every girl on campus has these sandals:

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Of course, the color varies, but it's basically the same shoe over and over. These shoes look odd. I'm not sure what it is...kind of like someone thought about the horror of wearing socks with sandals (oh yes, the pure terror!) and came up with this. The fabric surrounding the ankle kind of looks like a sock, right? I can't complain too much, because I jumped on the gladiator sandal bandwagon and wear them all the time, much like I used to wear my Old Navy gold sequined flats (which have yet to perish - they never will).

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Gladiator sandals may be exotic, but I don't think they're exactly sexy. I'm fairly positive they're on the "out," so I suppose the sock sandal mentioned above is replacing the gladiator. I think I'll stick to the gladiator, especially if I owned these Chanel ones from Lagerfeld's 2007 resort collection:


Why half-ass it with the ankle-gladiator? Just go all out and wear the outrageous-but-awesome calf-gladiator. I've always loved these shoes. I rarely like what Lagerfeld designs, but he didn't fail me here. Just looking at the shoes transports me back to Rome during its heyday. Who knows if the Romans wore their sandals up to their knees (I doubt it), but it's a nice dream. And if they did, men were probably the only people wearing them. If I could go back in time with these shoes, I'd cause a ruckus in Rome, take over Caesar (or Augustus, depending when my time machine dropped me off), and change the course of world history - all with a pair of Chanel gladiator sandals.

P.S. I know 2007 is soooooooo long ago in fashion years that it almost makes this post irrelevant. Though I did find these shoes (labeled under 2008, which is suspicious) on ebay. Unfortunately, I've had no luck with this precious Diane von Furstenburg lady-bug dress that I actually tried on at Saks. (The dress felt incredible. The pockets are exactly where pockets on a dress should be.)


I miss that dress. Maybe I'll find it for $50 bucks someday. That's wishful thinking, isn't it?

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Paula said...

The new sandles are awful. Just a passing fad. I guess the desigbers feel pressured to design something new no matter how unflattering.