Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mumbo jumbo

I am shallow, and I am deep.
I am hard, and I am soft.

I am everything and nothing.
I am a contradiction.
My essence is a logical fallacy.

I am a cloud, a tree, a squirrel, a seed, an ocean, a black hole, a star, a Grecian goddess.
I am a cocoon, an illusion, a weightless entity.

I am a mind.
I am a body.
The two coalesce.

I am a blade of grass, a book, an iridescent light.

I am a lover, a being, a transcendental Form.
I am alive.

I am dead.

Existence and non-existence flow through my immortal remains.

I am rude, and I am kind.

I am bored, and I am interested.

I am a siren, and I am a prude.

I am something.
I am nothing.

(all photos via fashiongonerogue)

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