Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Nouveau Riche and Personality Snarking


She's eighteen. I do not understand this kind of opulence for an eighteen year old. She might be really nice; I don't know the girl. Maybe she works. Who knows. But her posts are "Today I wore Balenciaga spring/summer 07 shoes and a ChloƩ dress. Then my sister and I made a fabulous dinner. I loved today." She has a lot of ridiculously expensive (albeit beautiful) clothing, which is good for her, considering she's only 18. I still look at her blog from time to time, but I find it terribly banal. "Great, today you decided to wear your Chanel boots. Thanks for letting me know." I do not find inspiration in this. She's on my links as Sea of Shoes. You'll see what I mean. Oh, she travels, too, and takes pictures. The end.

I have a lot of things to say about Sylvia Plath, but that should wait. No one should be flooded with her thoughts all at once. So, instead, here's a beautifully pose-less editorial.

She is simple and effortless. Some commenters on fashiongonerogue (where these were taken from) wrote that she needed to work on her posing. "She could move a bit, not pose but work the camera bitch! =))" and "she can work a bit more on her poses." She was the second runner up on Australia's Next Top Model, and apparently she's a terrible person. For example, "When I bought my copy of RUSSH I could barely look at these without feeling disgust at what a horrible human being she is. Inner beauty matters as much as the external." Inner beauty does matter, but it doesn't matter when it comes to photos. No one did a profile on her personality. Her job is to present clothes in the manner the creative director/stylist/photographer want, not to be sweet.

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