Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Beginnings of my Bucket List

1) Have a copious amount of wigs of all colors, shapes, and lengths. And actually wear them.
2) Get a gun and use it to intimidate first dates.
3) Dance in Paris at a discotheque and say no to men with whom I don't want to dance.

4) Travel to China, where I will study the Tao.
5) Have my honeymoon in Paris or Greece or Spain...or all three

6) Go skydiving
7) Go skinny dipping
8) Go cliff diving/jumping
9) Live on the beach

10) Go a day with no speaking while being in a forest
11) Pet a tiger cub (again)
12) Buy a pair of Louboutins with my own money

13) Take a head shot of everyone I know
14) Host a giant dance party
15) Occasionally observe British tea time

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16) Build my dream extension-of-the-mountain house
17) Dress up for Halloween every year until I can no longer put on clothes or am dead
18) Be best friends with an influential artist
19) Build a library that's actually aesthetically pleasing
20) Be a stylist for a year
21) Have two babies (when I have money to afford them) and call them Sylvia (female) and Sven (male)
22) Write a novel - not necessarily to be published

23) Expose my entire self to someone
24) Play dress up at least once a month

25) Get a telescope and/or travel to Mars

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