Sunday, October 24, 2010


Everyone needs a safe place; a place to go to be vulnerable, to complain, to cry, to be held, to speak without hesitation, to not be rejected. Are there sanctuaries that are constant, or are they ever-changing? A mother is an archetypal safe haven, but not everyone has a good relationship with a mother figure. A best friend works, but best friends change over time. Maybe some people have consistency with their sense of "home," but the way in which "home" manifests itself transforms.

Speaking of mothers...

(all images via fashiongonerogue)

I think this editorial speaks for itself (and click them to enlarge; they're better full sized).

And as Madonna wrote,
Who needs a smile when a tear's so full of love
Who needs a home with the stars up above
It's here in your heart I want to be carried
You are my sanctuary

Who needs the light with the darkness in your eyes
Who needs to sleep with the stars in the sky
It's here in your soul I want to be married
You are my sanctuary

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Josh said...

I think I'm starting to get the gist of these photo editorials, and if I've got it right, this one's pretty touching.

You don't really address how you're faring with your mother here, though. Did she happen to pull you through a time of trouble?