Monday, October 11, 2010

Why should I title posts?

I've found that the closest men's magazine to Cosmopolitan is Men's Health. GQ writes about the sexiest women in rock and fashion week's sexiest women. Maxim...well, there's not much to say about Maxim except that it's soft-core porn.

females love to please their man in bed, dress fashionably, wear the latest make-up trends, and fix their hair just right (to see this, all you have to do is look at the homepage). Men's Health at least has one article on their website about pleasing a woman. I just found one, though. How many articles does Cosmo have about how to know "what your man is really thinking" and how to "make your man love you even more"? From all the editions of Cosmo I've flipped through (I've read it more than you think), there are a lot.

If I want to know what a male is really thinking, why can't I just, hmm, I don't know, ask him? But men lie, so I have to go to Cosmo in order to find out what's actually going on with "my man." Really, I should be thanking Cosmo for giving me the knowledge on how men actually work. I mean, Cosmo is the Bible for subservient women, right? (I feel like I need to define subservient: subservient |səbˈsərvēənt| adjective, prepared to obey others unquestioningly)

What is society turning us into? Society is either turning women into slaves to men or rulers over men. Neither is right nor good. Society is turning men into cowards or into alpha males who are ready to pounce at any minute. The former seems to be more prominent in the male gender. Again, neither is right nor good. Where is the balance?

This photo has nothing to do with the above, but this gown is amazing.

(Atelier Versace Fall 2010 lookbook via fashiongonerogue)