Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scream and shout; my time's never cheap.

It's pouring outside. I have a large hangover. I'm listening to Air and Sneaker Pimps. But not simultaneously.

There are two questions on my mind at the moment, but I'm too hungover to flesh out any semblance of an answer.

1) What does it mean to be completely free? Is it a way of being or a lack of physical constraints? Or both?
2) Why do we flirt? And why does it always feel so meaningless when the flirtation game is over?


And I'm going to get answer to those questions...once I can think in a more linear manner.

Oh, and thank you, commentors, for being really nice and cool. I appreciate it. Merci! Gracias! Auf-weidersen. (too lazy to look up that spelling)


Lydia said...

I really like your new header pic. Freedom, I guess, is sort of relative, and absolute freedom is probably unachievable. There's always an obligation to someone or something, even to yourself. I guess the closest most people living pretty normal lives can come is to try to stay true to yourself, never do anything you don't really want to do (except like pay taxes and shit), and ask yourself if what you're doing feels authentic. That makes me feel free.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

HAH. It's pouring here tooo! WOAH TWINS?! Not quite, no. But whatever. Er. Anyways. Clearly the rain is affecting my ability to think and type and la di da.

Interesting questions. I'm excited to here your musings on them!

Alex said...

have you made any progress on those questions?

I fully stand behind Lydia's take on freedom. It's never 100% attainable, but that's fine, as complete freedom would be meaningless. It is the juxtaposition between what we want to do/be/experience with what we have to do/be/experience that gives the idea of freedom any sort of power. of course there are ways to optimize your freedom, like Lydia said, such as trying to really only give yourself to those activities or responsibilities that you fully endorse.

now about flirting... maybe that's just human nature? yeah, I'm going with it's human nature. people flirt for a variety of reasons, and most of them are completely selfish... to fill a void left by someone, to get something they want (i.e. drinks at a bar), to feel good about themselves and so on. that's why it feels so meaningless. if you're flirting with a stranger they may be interested, but they may also be using the flirtations to boost their own confidence. it's pretty fucked when you think about it. I flirt with my boyfriend, because it's fun. I love it because it brings you back to a time before you knew every inch of each other's bodies and before you had heard each other fart. that kind of flirting doesn't feel meaningless, but that's because there are no intentions besides appreciating someone you love in a different way for a little while.

this is a long post, I type really really really fast, like 110 words per minute last time I checked (yeah, I know, it's pretty intimidating knowing someone who is such a good typer, isn't it?!) and I just type and type and type, and I want to apologize for you who are on the receiving end of my mindless typing tirades.

and after reading the title that song entered my head, and it's likely to be there for at least the rest of the week.

ok, one more thing, I had Weezer's Buddy Holly stuck in my head for 6 years once. other songs would come and go, but that song would always return.

ok, bye!

Amelie said...

Whoa, Alex, that's a long time to have a song stuck in your head...and no worries, I type quickly too. Also, I just posted about flirting and basically said what you said, so what a moot post! :)

And Lydia, I agree with what you said, but I'm going to try to explore it more.