Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spin spin sugar

Wouldn't you love to sleep here at least once in your life?

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 Sometimes sleep seems to cure everything. I woke up this morning with a huge sense of calm. Usually, I have to will myself to calm down (calm down as in to feel peace instead of negative emotion), but this morning's been different. 

I don't live in that awesome aquarium bedroom; I live with my sister in a one-bedroom apartment. And that's just fine for now. I don't need fish swimming over my head at night to be happy, do I? No.

That got personal. Not my intention for this blog, but hey, sometimes I get really ego-tastic and decide to talk solely about myself. Yay, me!

Okay, semi-sarcasm aside now. Isn't it strange how we associate a person with a particularly happy or meaningful song, and then that particularly happy or meaningful song no longer holds its significance with that person? I guess what I'm trying to say - but failing to do so - is that people come and go out of our lives. Friends come, friends go. Boyfriends come, boyfriends go. A few friends will be great friends forever, but others fade away. It's sad, but it's a part of life. And those friends/boyfriends who were once in our lives affected us - sometimes in a really big way.  So I know I will never regret any friend I've ever had or any guy I've dated or done whatever with. They've influenced me in a way some will never know. 

(Yeah, this photo doesn't really have anything to do with the above post. I do that a lot...)


And, heya, Dree Hemmingway! Next time you go down to the beach for a photoshoot, give me a call! I'd be glad to hang up your wet clothes and what not! Just let me smell that salty air again...


Alex said...

waking up with a sense of calm and internal centering is such an amazing and rare feeling, especially if that extends into the rest of your day.

the worst is when you wake up, get up to go potty or brush your teeth and then you remember "oh yeah, the love of my life 'woke up and felt different' a week ago" and the peace you felt after sleep falls away instantly. eeesh.

I'm a downer! yay!

and right? those Jeffie's were super random, I think it's because I found them at a thrift store so God knows how old they are. and I mean "old" in shoe life, like 5-10 years.

creepy question (kinda) when's your birthday? on accounta we're both virgos.

and finally, it says below you have had some trouble with short hair cuts... baby girl... the key is texture. almost all short hair cut disasters are by virtue of lack of texture. have your stylist texturize the shiiiiiit out of your hair. it keeps it from looking momish, butchish, old ladyish, and all other negative short hair connotations. I am an authority on so precious little, but short hair? short hair mama knows.

holy crap this is a long comment.

also, there is not a thing wrong with talking about yourself, missy, this is your blog, I read it because you're interesting. I usually just look at pictures because there isn't much said, but I like that there are a few worthy of thoroughly reading (yours and Lydia's and a select other few).

holy freaking marathon comment. have a great day :)

Lydia said...

Oh my God, I want to sleep there every night.

jamie-lee said...

man that aquarium bedroom would be soooo sweet. haha a girl can dream right?!

Anonymous said...

that acquarium bed looks amazing. i've had a couple rough nights lately, and I miss that sense of calm you're talking about. as for writing about yourself, why not? your thoughts are interesting! It's nice to have a peek into someone elses head sometimes.


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

First of all, HOLY SHEEEESHHHH. That photograph actually just made me SO EXCITED BECAUSE "SLEEPING IN THAT ROOM" IS NOW ON MY BUCKET LIST. No lie. That's seriously so incredible. Ah, ah, ahhh. I'm going to dream that tonight. Hopefully.

And I know what you mean. Especially now that it's my senior year/ ah I'm graduating in 71 days (but pft who's counting?), there's definitely a sense of "Huh. Will I talk to ANY of you in five years?" (with the exception of 'Happy birthday, long time xox' via facebook). I don't know. It's not that I don't like the people, it's just that times change and I don't think I'll fall in many of their paths ever again. I guess that's life. I'm sad about it, but I've also accepted it as inevitable.

I think that you learn something from everyone you've ever held a relationship with. Even if you don't know it.


michelle_ said...

Thatbroom reminds me of the room in Atlantis the palm :) and I remember seeing the 8000 usd price tag per night,..lol

I love dree Hemingway too ! Shes just fantastic !