Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There's a way, I know

Okay. I'm having a complete freak out over here. Kaskade, my favorite DJ/producer since I started listening to house/trance/electronic music, is going to be in Chicago — THAT IS, 3 HOURS AWAY FROM ME — on May 27.

HOWEVER, the venue's no longer selling tickets online! This means that I'd have to buy at the door and THAT means that I'd have to stand in line (maybe there won't be a line?) and risk NOT getting in!


That was a little dramatic.

So, I am currently not sure if I'm going to go and try to get in, anyway. I really, really, REALLY want to. I want to dance my ass off to the wonderful melodic sounds that only Kaskade can provide with house music. I'm not kidding. He is the BEST at creating melodies that actually fit with the backing music.

Here are some of my favorite songs in dedication of his Chicago show:

(Get past the first 40 seconds or so, and it gets good. to be honest, I can't stand beats without any sort of melody going. Drives my ears crazy. Also, this is not the album's a tad different)

BLUGHHH ARGHGHGH. (That was my existential moan for the day.)


Alex said...

first, you very obviously need to go! it's really out of your hands and control. also, yes, I remember the harrowing ordeal learning how to use a tampon was... holy crap, that thing was a goddamn mystery and I still fuck up from time to time even now. I was meaning to get back to you on that tampon story earlier... you and me are tamp champs! and I am sure if you are getting hit on, miss lady, it is because you are cute :) while I too am always inclined to think that "meh, I'm here so they decided why the fuck not" but that's realistically probably not the case. while I'm sure they aren't convinced that we are the women they will spend the rest of their lives with, there is at least a modicum of interest if they're chatting. really, guys are not chatty by nature.

Lydia said...

You should def stand in line if it means you could possibly get in, if he's that awesome to you. I think you'd regret it if you didn't but I don't think you'd regret it nearly as much if you tried and it didn't work. Maybe try finding tix somewhere else online, like sutbhub?

Btw I sent you an email about the cheilitis thing a couple days ago, don't know if you've checked your inbox.